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"In this world there are two groups - the 95% of people who do very little, and the 5% of people who are the real achievers. If you want to be an achiever in real estate investing, find someone locally who is already there, and do whatever it takes to get advice from that person. If you are in the Houston area, there's one only extraordinary person who comes to mind... his name is Terry Wygal."

- William Bronchick, Attorney & Best-Selling Real Estate Author


"If you want to go to a Boot Camp and be sold to, then look somewhere else. However, if you're looking to actually learn "real world" how-to techniques and specifics about subject-to's then you don't need to look any further than seeing Terry Wygal. Over the years I've come to know Terry as a top-quality investor who practices what he preaches and gets out there in the trenches every day making his living in real estate." Scott Rister, author of "Find All The Motivated Sellers You Can Handle!"


Scott Rister
800 Buy Kwik, LP 1-800-998-1214 ext 2
Visit us at or


"I've known Terry now for about 5 years and recently have had the opportunity to get to know him much more.  Terry is a great all around guy, and very knowledgeable in real estate investing.  There aren't many people across the country who have achieved the success that Terry has as an investor, and it's even rarer when they are willing to share their knowledge with you.  If you are interested in learning more about real estate investing, I wouldn't hesitate to take this opportunity from Terry."

Steve Cook 


"Terry Wygal and I met over 5 years ago when we were both getting our start in real estate investing. An honest, no-nonsense investor and all around great guy, he is the real deal in both real estate and in life. I am proud to know him and call him a friend.

If you know me, you know that I don't lend my name to many folks in this business. When I do, it means something. Terry knows the real estate business inside and out and if you have the opportunity to learn from him, don't pass it up."

William Tingle



Terry, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. Without you my first deal would never have gotten done. You were there to answer all my questions about the documents, how to market and even what repairs to make. We made over $10k on that deal. I know subject 2 is your main weapon, but I am not sure if there is a type of deal you have not been involved with. You are always my first source. And I would tell anyone you are the only person to call with questions.

So again thank you for all your help.

Alan Paine - Metro Home Solutions



What a wonderful time was had by all - me especially. ;-)

If there is anyone who is thinking about doing Sub2 real estate acquisition I would say: ”before you attempt this be sure and take Terry Wygal’s course.” (or even if you have done some Sub2s) I attended his two-day bootcamp and Terry’s presentation is wonderful, leaving no stone unturned. He takes you through step by step, and is patient enough to explain items, even when he has covered them previously, if you have any confusion. Terry, literally, takes you from beginning to end: marketing, how to determine if the seller is motivated, what to look for in a deal and how to evaluate it, how to handle your business as a business, negotiating skills, researching the property and finding owners, contracts and addendums, insurance, deeds, trusts, basic estimating of repairs, and exit strategies, etc. He also goes over in detail how to get a good tenant-buyer in place, with little risk to you in the long run.

I would never, ever, hesitate to recommend Terry to anyone in any phase of real estate investing. He is knowledgeable in all areas, though his specialty is Sub2 at this time. If anyone wants more information I will be happy to try to answer. Just e-mail me.

SharonS  Houston


I strongly recommend Terry's work. He is in the streets doing many deals every day! I have even joint ventured deals with him & seen his work first hand. Most people who offer courses are not doing a volume of deals monthly right here in Houston like Terry. Heck! Many of them don't do ANY deals! And no ... before you ask, I don't make anything from Terry. I can't even collect the last 2 Mexican lunches he was supposed to buy me.

Gene Sherf



Looks like you now owe Gene 4 Mexican lunches ! ! ! !

Biren Surati

PS : I too strongly recommend Terry's class. I have had the opportunity to work and network with Terry for years and have learned a lot from him. Even after 13 years of Real Estate Investing (only 3 of which are full-time), still I had to run to Terry for help several months ago. And the help he gave me was worth my weight in gold (AND I AM A BIG MAN). Many of my posts/ideas that you read here on the RICH BB have been learned by years of networking with Terry.

Biren Surati


Terry, your Subject 2/Lease Option was very informative and well worth the price. It's true that many real estate gurus are charging several times over for their programs and are not able to deliver in the same practical, useful format. I have paid more for other seminars that were little more than infomercials to spend more money on books and CD's.

There's nothing like having someone who is doing many deals in the local area teaching hands on and answering questions. I have been to many seminars, investing for years, but I still learned many new things. So thanks for adding some new tools to my tool box.

The Sub2 focus group is useful and informative, but it just isn't long enough to explain all the techniques clearly, so I highly recommend anyone who doesn't have a good handle on these methods to also attend Terry's boot camp. For the experienced investors, they also already know the value of continuing to learn new ideas and Terry's group is a good place to do that.



Man...I wish I would have checked this board sooner. I completely didn't know about this event but would have loved to be there. I'll definitely be catching the next one in July. Terry is an excellent student and teach of REI.



I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend real estate course taught by Terry Wygal.  Terry has complete and up-to-date knowledge in the areas of: Subject To, Lease Options, Owner Finance, and Negotiating with prospective sellers.  Terry is not just a teacher/lecturer of a subject or two within the real estate investing arena, but an experience practitioner of all he shares in his classes in his own life, right now.  Terry carries himself with strength and confidents and answers each and every question honestly, willingly and helpfully.  What I found most reassuring is that Terry is a real investor in real time and is not a spokesman angling to sell attendees more courses or seminars.  He is simply sharing what he knows in his own unique way, and, because of this I found him to be better and more knowledgeable of the subject at hand than most national speakers that I have heard.  If you want real information, by someone with real skill, in real time, that is willing to share his knowledge in a real, personal and powerful way, I recommend Terry and the classes he offers.  

Andy Williams


Hi Terry,

I just wanted to thank you profusely for being the only person that has been able to kick my butt into gear with regard to getting started in real estate investing! I truly enjoyed your boot camp this past weekend. I learned more than I ever thought possible in a single weekend. I'll be calling :) soon.

The following is my testimonial that you are free to use:

"If you have any interest in real estate investing at all, your best buy in education is a weekend bootcamp with Terry Wygal! Not only is the price right, the vast amount of information is almost too much to digest in two days. One aspect of REI I've personally wrestled with is ethics. Terry impresses honesty and integrity to the nth degree. I like that! Using Terry's methods of doing business, I now know with certainty that the game of REI 'CAN' be played ethically, which lets me sleep a whole lot better at night. 

Thanks Terry!!!"

Chris Dasch

Dear Terry

Thank you for the wonderful seminar you presented on Subject 2 & Lease Options last weekend, it was extremely informative, educational and
fun. You and the "Project Prove It" team have a unique and focused approach to Real Estate education which is positively refreshing, and which I am certain is going to be a huge success. Your down to earth and straight forward approach to real estate investing conveys fair play, honesty and integrity. While your seminar, along with the other Project Prove It" speakers communicated a genuine enthusiasm for the success of the students and the group as a whole. Thanks again for sharing you knowledge and giving your time to help others bridge the gap to success.  

Yours faithfully

Simon Atkinson
Sugar Land TX.




Thanks for the excellent recent Boot Camp and the follow-up reminders to help get us “jump started” into this business. I started considering a career change and looking into being a Real Estate investor just four months ago and have been in “overwhelm” from all of the classes and literature that we are trying to absorb. Your Rich Club classes and this recent Boot Camp are the best that we have experienced and we are very excited about a possibility of working with you in some way. We have applied for our LLC and have found only a few vacant house leads so far. Not much of a “Power Team” assembled and many more things to do. Consequently I didn’t think we are far enough along to do a “Deal” yet, but if it is possible to work with you, your group, your wholesale leads, we are very interested in “jumping in” and learning to swim now. I want to get the “evidence to convict me”.


Thanks again for your very thorough, inciting and confidence building training and exhibiting a good example for Real Estate investing.


Chuck and Louise Andrews


Dear Terry,

I have been to many national and local real estate seminars and your 2 day class was by far, packed with information per hour than many of them together.  I appreciate the fact that you're not trying to sell something.  Your integrity and desire to help people shines throughout the whole time.

Thanks for taking the time to teach this "subject to" in such a "user friendly" manner.

Larry Haines
Conroe Home Buyers -
Director of the Houston Investment Club Focus Groups

    April 12, 2005                                                                                                                          

 Hi Terry,  

     My husband Martin and I would like to thank you very much for the professional support we have received from you.   

     We attended your  “The Gentle Art Of Buying Houses Subject To the Existing Loan”  boot camp last month.  Both of us were pleasantly surprised at how much we learned in two days from your expertise in Subject To.  

     I say this because we had just attended a boot camp a few months ago taught by a couple representing a national Guru that cost us thousands of dollars which turned out to be mostly an Infomercial  rather than an educational boot camp on buying homes Subject To.  In fact, we ended up spending thousands more for programs that we needed to actually learn the “how to” process of Subject To !!   The programs themselves left a lot of unanswered questions.  And, to make matters worse, the  mentoring program with a money back guarantee if we did a deal within a specified period of time that we were entitled to turned out to be useless.  I tried using the mentoring program which was accessible via fax only.  I gave up after the third try because I only received a “blank” document with no response to my question.

Martin and I realized that we needed local professionals who were successful under our local laws, market,  and trends.  We also needed Texasized documents.  

Since we attended your Subject To boot camp, you have been such a knowledgeable and accessible resource that we have decided to purchase an extended mentorship program.   

In fact, we are hoping to close on a deal (or two) that we have consulted with you on shortly!!  


Joumana Mousselli

I have been utterly disgusted, after paying lots of money for a seminar just to hear some "guru" or other "expert" share egotistical anecdotes of what they did way back when in that far away place. Add to that, those guy's never mention what kind of liability is inherent in their techniques. That's not teaching! That's just wrong.                  

Terry's Sub2 course is for you if you want a technique to add to your toolbox to buy more property. Terry is out in the field everyday making deals using what he teaches. He has managed to lay out his course in a way that really answers questions, teaches how-to and on top of that, Terry is just an e-mail or phone call away to help with specific deal questions. Who else offers that?

Before taking this course I thought Sub2 is just too complicated so I'll just stay away from it. Thanks to Terry I am confident that I can now go out an put together a deal this way and reduce the cash needed and increase my profits. That's empowering.

Thank you Terry.

Mark Zoch

Terry Wygal's course was the best I have attended. If you need someone to walk you through a Subject To purchase, from lead generation to sale, then Terry's course is for you. He provides Texas documents to assist you in your process. He tells you how to fill them out and he gives you real examples of pitfalls. Terry is an active investor in Houston, which provided me details that will save me weeks of time. He gave me time management, marketing and lead generation ideas that are invaluable.

most of all, he helped me convince myself that I can overcome my fears of creative real estate. Investing in real estate can be profitable.

Terry's integrity impressed me the most. He is a fireman because he truly
cares and wants to help people. Some other courses constantly remind you of how rich real estate can make you, which I am tired of hearing. Terry respected my time and focused on quality, detailed information. I recommend his course for newbies or experienced investors.

Terry, your course is worth every cent.

Thank you so much.

Patricia Wood


April 25, 2005

 Dear Terry,

 This letter is to tell you how much I enjoyed, and benefited from your course entitled “The Gentle Art of Buying Properties Subject To the Existing Loan”.  The course is very well organized and I had no trouble following the logical flow that you presented as you went through the course. This is the first time that I’ve been able to pickup an acquisition system the first time I heard it. You’ve got a gift for teaching.

The length of the course it just right too, two full days. This allows you to give us enough detail so that we can immediately take what we’ve learned and put it into practice. At the same time, we were not inundated with tons of other information that could have confused us. Addition, the class size is small enough so that you’ve got an intimate and non-intimidating setting, but large enough to assuage the apprehensions of those who don’t like to be in a class with only a few others. I found this to be the optimal learning environment for this type of information.

An added benefit that I felt while in your course is the lesson of integrity. You constantly stressed treating sellers and buyers with respect, and fairness. This is a real testament to your personal integrity and how you’ve been successful with these principles. The real estate profession needs more people like you to continue to teach and mentor new investors.

The bottom line is that when I finished your course, I had no doubt that I had the tools to lock-up a subject to acquisition as soon as I could find one. All I need now is the practice of finding and talking with motivated sellers!

 Bravo Terry,  this course is a real winner.


A new(er) Houston investor.


When I joined the RICH club 10 months ago, I thought I knew something about real estate.  I had formerly sold residential real estate and had even held a broker’s license.  Boy was I in for a shock!

The first six months of RICH membership, I went to almost every workshop, focus group, general Saturday meeting, the afternoon sessions, and even outside mentoring groups.  I realized very quickly that real estate investing was a very different game than selling residential real estate. 

I wanted to learn it all – I wanted all the tools in my toolkit before I tackled the problems.  Maybe that’s from having been a Realtor.

I knew there were mentors you could hire for thousands of
dollars.  My neighbor had paid someone $10,000 to mentor her, and I was not impressed with what she had learned.  So, I kept digging and learning for myself.  I even paid hundreds of dollars for mentoring and coaching myself, but I was not impressed, even though I did learn a few useful tips.

I would try to apply what I had learned as I went along.  I would drive for dollars and find vacant houses – and then not be able to find the owners.  I knew these houses and owners needed me – but I just couldn’t find them.  So I took another class.

I was beginning to feel really guilty about not having actually done any deals.  I could sit in meetings and answer the questions people had in my head.  I knew I was almost ready.  I also know there are lots of us who need a real comfort level to do this.  I finally adopted the statement attributed to Abe Lincoln about having 8 hours to cut down a tree and spending 6 hours sharpening the saw!  I was getting tired of sharpening!  I wanted some trees!

Recently, I mailed 13 letters to a free pre-foreclosure list and got a call back!!  When I finally touched base with the
owner three hours later, he told me that when he could not reach me he had contacted another investor and they had just signed a contract.  A part of me was disappointed, but another part of me was relieved.  I knew I still didn’t know enough to take this man’s house – even though he basically wanted to give it away.  That was disappointing, but it was also an eye-opener for me.

About the time, Terry Wygal became the “Subject To” focus group leader at RICH again.  I went to one of his groups and was completely blown away by the amount of information he was sharing in the meeting and how honest and approachable he seemed.  When he offered a class in how to buy property subject to the existing financing, it was a no-brainer. 

I needed the “rest of the story” – which was the paperwork.  Up until then, taking a house subject to was a theory to me.  I understood the concept, but I had no idea exactly what was involved.  I wanted to be walked thru the process from beginning to end and told which paperwork to use at which time.

Terry’s class was exactly what I needed.  He gave us all the forms to actually take a house subject to, and he explained each form.  I believe if I were to have trouble with one of his forms, I could pick up the phone and he would help me. 

The most helpful thing I learned in his class was a written, step-by-step list of exactly what paperwork you need, in what order, and at which time in the transaction to actually sign up and close a subject to deal!  I would highly recommend his class to anyone still struggling with this concept and all its paperwork.  He also explained about his marketing techniques, which was very helpful.

I’m anxious to go out now and really become an investor – to put all this knowledge to work - thanks to the finishing touches that Terry’s course gave me.

Kay Dolive

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