Christmas Time.  A time that we all take for granted that the special times will last forever.  For one family, well... for thousands..., a couple of Hurricanes have devastated what is normal or happy.

I sent a challenge out to a special group of friends and investors to join us in helping a family.  A family that has 12, TWELVE, children.  Living on a boat because their house was destroyed.  Nothing left.  Nothing.  No toys.  No personal items.  The cloths they have are what they have been able to get together since the 2 storms Katrina and Rita.

The Mom works in the medic field.  From my understanding she has yet to miss a shift in helping others and has volunteered countless hours, on top of her regular work hours, helping others.

The children... living on a FEMA boat.  But they have a roof...

Never complained.  Never asked for anything special... just what can they do to help others.

As a volunteer firefighter and I assist on the EMT side as well I have to say this was a personal mission for me as well.

Did my group of friends and investors respond.  I gave a very short timeframe on a challenge and the help came pouring in.  

My wife is what I call a power shopper.  She had every sale highlighted.  Every discount or coupon circled or clipped.  She called in for reinforcements... my daughters shown above... and a few well trained neighbors.

I will be the first to admit this is not my specialty so I left it in the hands of the experts...  By the time my oldest daughter was 4 my Wife could call her over to a cloths rack and, without saying a word Olivia would turn her back to her mom, hold her arms straight out... so that Beverly could hold a sweater up to her to see if it would fit.

Guys... you probably have no idea what it is I just wrote about.   I had to have her show me that 3 times.  Ladies... I am sure you know just what I am talking about.  Amazing... I knew I was in for a long tough road and a hard hit pocket book with these 3...  <smile>

Off the family and neighbors went.  I would get the periodic beep on the Nextel or an actual call saying where they were and what was going on.

After about 4 hours I stopped trying to keep track.

After 6 hours I had to make sure they were OK and called them.  My wife couldn't have been happier.  My kids were having a super time...  I was exhausted just thinking about what they were doing.

After 6 1/2 hours they hit our door and were home.


Now... I know my wife and kids like to shop.

My kids love to receive toys.

My littlest one loves to open presents...

But the magic of Christmas really came through.  My kids developed such a love and wanting to help and provide for this family... a family they have never met... that my littlest one bought 2 dolls so that she and one of the little girls her age could play together.

They wanted to buy food so that they could cook a Christmas dinner for them.  

They wanted to buy a tree so they had one with pretty lights... 

We had to gently explain that they lived very far away and may not meet them anytime soon.

My wife and daughters hit the door with the things they bought... winter jackets... sweatshirts and bottoms.. hats, gloves... scarves... the essentials... pants... shoes... socks.. shirts... etc...

Oh yeah.. toys.  Did I mention toys?  We had them!  I thought Toys 'R' Us had visited.

Look... I won't mention the exact amount spent in dollars but the sticker price was well over $1,000.00.

I received a private phone call from a very special lady who made a pretty significant cash contribution. I looked over the list of people who came together and made a quick decision and realized that I still had money left over...

Knowing that I could never know everything this family needed we wrote a check to them for $500.00 to do with as they see fit.  12 kids... living on a FEMA boat... having to still work to survive... nothing of their own.  This was a very small drop in the bucket of what they need... but it is a great little start.

What we, you guys reading this, were able to do for this family will stay with them for a long time.  Know in your heart that you make a contribution to a special family in a special time of need.  I was not able to make the trip to Louisiana because my mother has had a slight relapse but I was told there was not a dry eye in the place...

But... it does not end there.

One special person contacted my office and had a few 'items" that he felt like a family might need this time of year.  He asked for some help in distributing the items.  I went and picked the items up and was I amazed.  

3 boxes of toys.  at least 2 big stuffed animals.. a tree with lights... it filled up the back seat and the passenger seat in my big ole' truck.  

I was given the blessing to take these out and I found a family here in Houston that has a few little boys that will not go without this year...  A family near where I happen to be selling a house that I rehabbed and have on the market.  I was doing a little clean up and started to talk to some neighbors and boom... I found a family that was going to do without a tree or gifts for their little ones that now can enjoy a special time of year.

And... it does not end there!

We still have a few people signing up for our Wholesale Event and I have decided I am going to keep on giving on behalf of this group.

We have decided to sponsor a family of 2 boys and a girl here in Houston.  We have the pleasure of meeting them this afternoon so there is some heavy shopping to do.

Now... I have to say Thank You to all of you who made a quick decision to help out and register with very short notice. 

Thank you for being there for some very special families.  Thank you for helping a great cause.

And as a father of 3 I can say that to see the change in my kids from wanting... wanting... wanting... to just wanting to give and help... well I could not be more blessed.

When you can make a decision to help others.  When you can make a decision to act fast in a time of need... when you can make a decision to do the right thing... Real Estate Investing should be very easy.


Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Terry Wygal


Copyrightę 2005, All Rights Reserved.

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