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June 17th and 18th 2006 in Houston TX

Attention all Real Estate Investors...

Would You Like To Put $14,467.60 CASH in your pocket within the next 34 days?

Houston Real Estate Investor, Coach and Mentor shares all his Inner Circle Secrets to put CASH in your pocket, Obliterate Your Fears of Real Estate Investing and Kick Start Your Money Making New Year into overdrive like a Thoroughbred bolting out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby!

Date: May 25th, 2006
From: Terry Wygal - The Quick House Buyer

Would you like to learn all of the little know 'secrets' to real estate investing that are putting $14,467.60 to $44,712.68 CASH in my students pockets in as little as 34 days? Then listen closely as I share with you a few real life examples of deals that YOU could be doing right now.

As most of you know I have been a full time investor for 6 years now. 6 years in a little sleepy town called Houston Texas, for sure that was said in a sarcastic tone. 

Houston has right at or a little over 2,000 real estate investors in it's local real estate investment club. And that number does not even come close to some including some of the Old Timer investors that have never even heard of a real estate investing "club". 

When you first started out you probably did not know how to protect your position when you started to get houses under contract. I know I didn't.   Not to mention you may not even be sure if it is a good deal or not. Quite frankly I was so green when I started that I could have been called Granny Smith. 

The fear of Losing money kept me lying awake sweating at night because I had worked hard to be where I was when I started... broke. <smile>  And I sure could not afford to make a mistake that would send me reeling over the edge and into a financial hole that I had no hope of getting out of. As you know one little mistake in this business can hit you in the pocket for thousands of dollars.

I also made a lot of dumb decisions on looking at the true numbers and evaluating off of a "Rule of Thumb" that cost me a ton of money. "Rule of Thumb" is a dumb way to do business by the way. It can cost you to lose money by under estimating or just leaving too much on the table. 

For over two years I failed bad at this business but somehow I managed to keep my head above water. I kept on fighting and then somehow the light came shining through. It was like a Dam burst and I was able to put together a way to make this business work and operate on autopilot.

"If you're looking to actually learn "real world" how-to techniques and specifics about subject-to's then you don't need to look any further than Terry Wygal.

Over the years, I've come to know Terry as a top-quality investor who practices what he preaches and gets out there in the trenches everyday making his living in Real Estate."

-- Scott Rister, Author of "Find All The Motivated Sellers You Can Handle!"

I put together a simple Step-by-Step System that started to generate cold hard cash in my pocket like never before!  

I was able to secure a $35,000 profit just by finding a husband who lived in California that no one else could find.  

I took a quick $15,000 on a property I had under control in a short matter of 3 weeks because I learned how to find the right buyers.

After working hard on my own for several years I started to find I have a 'knack' for teaching others to implement the same system.

Let me give you just 2 examples:

"Ka-Ching goes the cash register to the tune of $19,333.28!"

Dear Terry, I had to write to you immediately because I just closed another deal using one of the techniques I learned in your boot camp, "The Gentle Art of Buying Houses Subject to the Existing Loan." I was very fired up after your course, and I signed a contract on this deal shortly thereafter. I paid the owner $10, and put it under contract for $9K, put signs up all over the place, and just closed this flip with a guy, who is building a garage on it for all of his trucks. Ka-Ching goes the cash register to the tune of $19,333.28! This was my second flip... My first flip with what you taught me netted me $14,467.60! Thanks so much for being willing to teach others what you have learned! 

Janet Klemmer
Houston Texas

Listen to What Janet has to say...

Janet is an investor here in the Houston area that tried for years to get her Real Estate Investing business off the ground. She did all of the things that most "Newbies" do when they start out... Ordered a ton of investing courses, went to real estate club meetings, went to seminars... even had private mentoring from several "Veteran" investors... Noting quite seemed to pull it all together for her. 

Until she and I got together and developed a game plan. Soon after Janet made $14,467.60 CASH in her first deal and she did it within 34 days! Her next deal took about 3 weeks and she made $19,333.28 CASH! 

Here is a little secret... she is working on a deal right now that should break the $20,000 mark and she is doing it all with only putting down $10 to control the property. You heard right Ten Dollars to control a house worth over $85,000 and she made over $19,000 CASH for that little $10! 

Janet also made the Super Sized Step and Dumped her very well paying "JOB" and has gone full time after working with me for just a little over 2 months!


"I collected a check in the amount of $44,712.68!"

Terry motivated me to go out and take action find my first Sub To deal and a month later walked me through the entire process until I collected a check in the amount of $44,712.68!

Ehab Shoukry
Houston TX

Listen to What Ehab has to say...

Ehab is an investor here in Houston and he had a little deal that he just could not quite get wrapped up and the paperwork scared him to death. He and I worked closely together, step by step, line by line and decision by decision and he walked with $44,712.68 CASH at the closing table.

Imagine the free time you will have to spend with your family and go on vacation whenever you wish.  Imagine never missing an important function with your children because your boss sent you off on his important mission

I was able to spend a great deal of time with my grandfather before he passed away earlier this year because of one reason... I was my own boss and real estate investing gave me the ability to work on my own terms.

After much soul searching and many discussions with some of the top investors who truly teach and not just sell their products I decided it was time to share with you what I have only been sharing with a very select group of investors and friends.



"In this world there are two groups - the 95% of people who do very little, and the 5% of people who are the real achievers. If you want to be an achiever in Real Estate Investing, find someone locally who is already there, and do whatever it takes to get advice from that person.

If you are in the Houston area, there's one only extraordinary person who comes to mind... his name is Terry Wygal."

- William Bronchick, Attorney & Best-Selling Real Estate Author



"Terry Wygal and I met over 5 years ago when we were both getting our start in Real Estate Investing. An honest, no-nonsense investor and all around great guy, Terry is the real deal in both real estate and in life. I am proud to know him and call him a friend.

If you know me, you know that I don't lend my name to many folks in this business. When I do, it means something. Terry knows the Real Estate business inside out and if you ever have the opportunity to learn from him... Don't pass it up!"

-- William Tingle - Sub To "Guru"

My 2 days of Real World Training and Insiders Secrets that other investors wish I would never let out will put you 10 steps ahead of the competition.  I Guarantee you will put an extra $1,000 CASH in your pocket for EACH Deal you do after you attend this 2 day event on June 17th and 18th 2006 in Houston TX or you get every dime you spent to register back.

Look, You could spend thousands of dollars and time and money going to big expensive lawyers who will tell you to go and obtain a traditional loan. What if you don't have the money or credit to do that?

My rules are simple:

  • Never use your own money!

  • Use my Board Certified Attorney Reviewed Contracts!

  • You will know how to Evaluate Deals so you make money... not lose it!

  • The Step by Step Implementation System is very easy to don't need a College Education to be successful I have laid it all out for you!

  • Learn to value your time so you are not driving all over town and wasting gas when you can be spending time with your family.

You will learn to evaluate deals with the knowledge and confidence of a ten year vet. No more leaving money on the table or being afraid of losing your hard earned cash. You will go step by step through our buying machine so that you can take it back and implement this system yourself.

No more guessing and asking "I wonder if this works..." I will take you by the hand and go step by step through our contracts so that you walk away will full confidence and knowledge that will keep you in control of every type of transaction you are involved in. Your fears will be obliterated and you will become a Lean Mean Buying Machine. 

You will learn how to protect your position so that you do not lose that once in a lifetime deal. I will give you 3 documents that will stop any unscrupulous investors from going around your back. I will show you how to laugh and walk away when one of the 'veteran' investors wants to give you just $500 for your labor and efforts of finding these deals. And have the true investors begging to be your 'exclusive' end buyer.

Quite frankly I have taken the arrows for you. You will not have to walk in fear of making an offer, being afraid of losing money on deals and you will have a knowledge of doing deals that will make Ten Year Veteran Investors think you are one of them. 

The training you will receive will put you light years ahead of the competition by giving you a System to Implement. I say that again. A Simple System to take home and Implement. I am not going to give you pie-in-the-sky theory. I would not insult you like that. I am not going to try and show you how to buy 10 to 15 houses a month. That sounds like a job to me and I like my freedom. The ability to spend time with my wife and kids is the most important benefit I have and I hope it is for you as well. 

What I will teach you to do is 2-4 wholesale deals a month that can net you anywhere from $2,000 to $44,000. I have know some investors on the left side of the world, read California, that have made over $50,000 on a single wholesale transaction. I cannot come anywhere close to saying that you will do those kind of numbers on a single deal... but they do happen.

To me doing 2-4 little deals in a month seems to be a lot easier on the old stress level than trying to run 10 to 15 deals in a month... doesn't it?

You work hard for your money and I am going you make sure you learn how evaluate deals like the experts so that every deal you do is a money winner. 

Here is what my 2 day Whole Sale Boot Camp Includes:

  • Magnetic Marketing Ads - Postcards and letters that get the motivated sellers calling only you!
  • The Best Contracts - All of my contracts that have been reviewed by a Board Certified Attorney are yours for attending.
  • Real Current Deal Case Studies - Real deals that are happening right now, not 6 years ago.
  • A General Contractor Rehab Estimation Session - A break out session with one of our General Contractors that was a big hit at my Sub To event.
  • Where to find the money. - You have no Money or Credit of your own? What if you have to buy the house to make the deal work? We will provide you with the contacts.

"The Donald Made $22,000 The Day After My Boot camp!"

Click the Play Arrow to hear Donald in his own words

The Donald Made
$22,000 The Day After My Bootcamp!

In the first two months after taking Terry Wygal’s class I have done two excellent deals. I put down $500.00 on a 3-2-1 and the house subject to the existing loan. This happened the day after his class.

I did exactly what his course taught me. I rented to own and made a $22,000 profit with a $150 positive cash flow for two years. He taught me an HONEST approach to investing. The class gave me vivid details on how to approach (negotiating), research, and close a real estate transaction. He took the time to directly answer my questions. 

Thank you Terry for not
only the knowledge but the honest approach of teaching real estate investing.

Donald Sorrells

Just a few of these features will save you thousands in time, legal fees, underestimating repair costs, testing time with marketing and put the money back where it belongs... In Your Pocket!

You will be attending a 2 day event that will take you by the hand with our Step-by-Step process on finding and evaluating wholesale deals. Real Estate deals that you control. You determine what you make from each transaction... not the end buyer. 

You will learn to overcome all of your fears as an investor and make offers with confidence by watching a panel of experts detail for you step by step what is working for them. We provide a Proven Step-by-Step Implementation System that puts your house buying on auto-pilot. We have done the leg work and have worked out all of the kinks so that you can make your offers with confidence. Never risk losing money on a bad real estate deal again! 

The most important way that this System works is that it shows you how to control property without putting yourself at risk for losing money and it protects you from losing your Deal of a Lifetime to other investors. 

This system walks you through how to get Motivated Sellers calling, How to evaluate repairs, how to evaluate each offer, how to negotiate each offer to the seller, How to find the Best End Buyers and why you should never put yourself into a position to negotiate your asking price with them.

I Guarantee you will make $1,000 more per Wholesale deal or your Money Back!

Take a full year to put my system in place and if it does not take you to the next level and put an extra $1,000 Dollars in your pocket, Per Deal, then just shoot me an email saying "It Doesn't Work" and I will refund your money. No Weasel Clauses, No proving you didn't do X, Y or Z just flat out I want my money back. Will some people take advantage of that and just hit me up for the refund and still put a ton of their money into their pocket from what they have learned? Some might, but as a Firefighter and EMT trained volunteer I like to think that there is still a whole lot of good in the world. But if you can tell me I didn't help any then just shoot me the email within 12 months and the refund is yours. Know any other Guru's willing to do that?

Here is what you receive at my 2 day Wholesale Boot Camp:

  • Flipping Rules - Step by Step guidelines to ensure you the most profitable deals.

  • Real World Investors - Round table discussions with investors who are actively buying and selling in the Houston area.  What they look for and how to reach them.

  • Contacts, contracts and confidence - All the contracts to sign a deal up, contacts to whole sale the deals to and the step by step instructions hat will give you the confidence and knowledge to make a Great Deal every time!

  • An entire section on using Options - I will lead a discussion on using Options to control properties that will make you look at this business in a whole new way.

  • What to do first - Most people never get started.  We will show you what to do first and then follow up with you.  More on that in a minute...

Register Now For the 2 day Wholesale Boot Camp on June 17th and 18th 2006 in Houston TX!

O.K. Terry What's is going to cost me? I have reviewed many of the seminar and boot camps that are out there and quite frankly I have been told that with what I teach the lessons are right up there with the $6,000 and $15,000 seminars. 


This investor spent close to $15,000 in training!

Click the Play Arrow to hear Joumana Mousselli in her own words

Both of us were pleasantly surprised at how much we learned in two days from your expertise in Subject To. 

     I say this because we had just attended a boot camp a few months ago taught by a couple representing a national Guru that cost us thousands of dollars which turned out to be mostly an Infomercial  rather than an educational boot camp on buying homes Subject To.  In fact, we ended up spending thousands more for programs that we needed to actually learn the “how to” process of Subject To !!   The programs themselves left a lot of unanswered questions.  And, to make matters worse, the  mentoring program with a money back guarantee if we did a deal within a specified period of time that we were entitled to turned out to be useless.  I tried using the mentoring program which was accessible via fax only.  I gave up after the third try because I only received a “blank” document with no response to my question.

Register Now For the 2 day Wholesale Boot Camp on June 17th and 18th 2006 in Houston TX!

The testimony above came from one of my students who took my Buying Houses Subject To the Existing Loan 2 Day Boot Camp.  At first Joumana and her husband sat in the back and near the middle part of the fist day they approached me with an amazing admission... 

They had spent close to $15,000 in training and boot camps and still did not know how to complete a Sub To deal!  By the mid part of that first day they felt that my real world advice and examples had given them a better education than all of the other training they had received combined!

I have heard this from people that have paid those amounts and still never learned enough to do their first deal. Can you imagine paying up to $15,000 and still not being sure of how to buy a house? I am focusing my boot camp on you obtaining your first, or next, deal within the next 35 days!

How can I make such a drastic promise?  Because I do not just give you global concepts.  I give you step by step instructions on what to do.  All you have to do is to take my system home and implement it.  Look I do not just tell people.. Go Get a deed and hope they get it.  I go step by step in showing them what to do.  In my Wholesale Boot Camp I will go step by step into the process of wholesaling for the maximum profit potential.

And let's be very clear... I am not talking about going out and taking advantage of other investors.  I am talking about working with true experienced investors that pay top dollar for the best deals.  I would never teach anyone to take advantage of someone.  And I would never want to be associated with people that do.  

Click Here To Register Today

Is learning how to make up to $14,000 in a month worth Spending $695 To You?

But Wait... There's More!  
Register right now for this 2 day Boot Camp on June 17th and 18th 2006 in Houston TX! and you get the following Bonuses FREE:

Free Bonus #1  ($89.00 value)

Immediate access to my Basic Level Mentor Group.  A private wholesale discussion board where we will evaluate deals, make contacts and a private area to ask questions.

Free Bonus #2  ($129.00 value)

A follow up conference call within 30 days to follow up with your progress.  We will get together to resolve any questions that may have come up since the boot camp.  We want to motivate you to do a deal so you don't fall back to sleep in office cubicle.

Free Bonus #3 (priceless...)

FREE deal evaluation.  For 30 days I will evaluate your deals and offer any suggestions and recommendations.  Just fax or email the deal in and let's see how my team would do it. 

Quite Frankly I am laying the Key to Your Success out on a Silver Platter with everything I am going to share with you. No fluff, no hype, no "Concepts that you have to figure out for yourself... Just real meat and potatoes that are going to fill you up with a knowledge base that will put you light years ahead of your competition.

Everyone who has attended my event has been very impressed with my Over Delivering of information.  I don't hold anything back.

Here is the cost... quite frankly I could charge, and I have even been told that I should,  charge $1,200 for the 2 days.

That is not what this is going to be priced at...

I even thought that $795 was a great deal for an event that netted one of my students over $19,000 on just one deal.  Think that event was worth the cost to her?  What would you pay to make $19,000 in one deal?

I am going to make this easy.

You get access to my 2 Day Whole Boot Camp, access to my Basic Level Mentor Group, A private Discussion Board area for Wholesalers only, for just $495!  You can bring a business associate or a spouse at a special price for a total of $742.50.

Forget that!  Let's make it a real deal!  Sign up by June 2nd and take another $100 off!


YES Terry, I want to Register NOW!

  • 2 Day Wholesale Boot Camp

  • Private Wholesale Discussion board

  • Contracts, Contacts, and Confidence 

  • Real Deal Evaluations

  • Round Table Discussions with the Experts

  • Private Deal Evaluation for 30 Days

  • Follow up conference call 

Click Here To Register Today


Terry Wygal - The Quick House Buyer


Remember that the discount of $100 off the registration is only good through the 2nd of June.  After that the price is $495.  Is $395 worth the ability to make anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 on a single deal that will only take 29 days to close?


  • Private Wholesale Discussion board

  • Contracts, Contacts, and Confidence 

  • Real Deal Evaluations

  • Round Table Discussions with the Experts

  • Private Deal Evaluation for 30 Days

  • Follow up conference call 

"I walked away with $15,000.00 
for only owning the thing for 28 days. "

Click the Play Arrow to hear Eric in his own words

I pulled out 2 little tips from Terry's tool kit on a recent deal I negotiated. The seller agreed to take back a note for 41k instead of the 50k we had originally discussed. I did not pay any interest, payments nor did I have a balloon payment on this note thanks to Terry' s first little tip. I found a buyer right away and I walked away with 15k for only owning the thing for 28 days. Thanks Terry for your help, your guidance and your friendship. Folks if you have a chance to attend one of Terry' s classes DO SO, you won't regret it. When I was working this deal I used some of his words straight out of the class (and from some of his stories) to structure this so that everyone feeling like a winner. 


"Your integrity and desire to help people shines throughout the whole time."

Dear Terry, I have been to many national and local real estate seminars and your 2 day class was by far, packed with more information per hour than many of them together. I appreciate the fact that you're not trying to sell something. Your integrity and desire to help people shines throughout the whole time. Thanks for taking the time to teach this "subject to" in such a "user friendly" manner. 

Larry Haines Conroe Home Buyers - Director of the Houston Investment Club Focus Groups

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