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"Within The First Week, I Obtained A Contract..."

"I had attend Terry Wygal's Wholesale Boot Camp on January 21st and 22nd at Tim Mai office. I signed up for membership to received Tim Mai's leads. I billed up my courage to call one of the prospects. To my surprise the Home owner was definitely a motivated seller and ask that I take his monster of his hands. This transaction occurred within one week of me receiving the leads from Tim. I thanked him for the lead and Terry, and Janet who assisted me in obtaining my first contract on a historic home in Galveston, TX. WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Karen Reese,
Part Time Real Estate Investor


If you have ever banged your head against the wall and screamed...

"Where Will I Find A Simple, Guaranteed,
Step By Step Implementation System 
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Investing in Real Estate?"

Then keep reading, because you're about to gain access to the most direct, 
honest, real world, no bull information and articles for buying houses out there!

$85,462.73 NET 
Janet Klemer Has Now Made 
NET Since 
October 2005, 6 Months, 
After Implementing My System!


Do you have little or no money to go out and buy houses?   If you have been afraid 
of taking that step and signing Your Name to the bottom line on the contract, we will  help you become a Transaction Engineer!

Ever received one of these calls:       

"I am 4 months behind and cannot make up the payments." 

"I am being relocated and don't want two house payments." 

”My mother is about to lose her house of 15 years and has no where to go

”I can’t keep making these payments”

There are too many repairs to make to this house”

We will Smash the Hype and Shatter The Myths and 
give you the tools you need to 
Crush The Competition!  

Where do you go if you do have a call from a motivated seller?  They are Two Weeks, or worse, Two Days from losing their house to a foreclosure?  Is it a true deal or is it a potential expensive seminar that may be leaving you open to major expenses or losses?

My name is Terry Wygal and I live in Atascocita Texas.  This is a little suburb of Houston Texas where I was born and raised.  Yes that's true, a Native Houstonian.  I am a Full Time Investor and have been for over 5 Years now.  

I am a Volunteer Firefighter and that is something that I hope to be a part of long past the time I retire from investing in Real Estate.  But I was not always able to enjoy My Time How I Wanted.

When I started out investing in Real Estate I was scared to death to make a mistake.  I studied and studied and attended seminars and boot camps that were designed to do nothing more that extract my hard earned money to pay for more courses that just kept confusing me.

I learned how to Stop That Foreclosure in as little as 48 hours.  It became a niche that I focused on and became an expert at it.  I was able to put together deals 
that other investors could not and I was doing it without any of my own money.

My drive and burning desire kept my dreams alive when others were trying to smash them.  I had no money and was working 50+ hours at my J.O.B. that I hated.  I traveled 3 to 4 nights a week and continued to read everything I could. 
I had voice mails from sellers and I tried to return them from the hotel room.  All added to an ugly way to conduct business.  

I would post my questions on a newsgroup and get slammed for being a ‘newbie’ and told to stop wasting their time. 

I finally quit that J.O.B. and started to invest full time in 2000.  I gotta be honest,
I was afraid.  Afraid of failure, making a mistake, making a fool of myself, being sued, losing the confidence of my wife and family, not making enough money to support my family and on and on and on…

I would be lying if I told you that there were not mistakes made.  Poor decisions that should have never been considered.  Missed deals, bad choices and 
conflicting information were a little too common for me in those days

By 2004 I was doing around 20+ deals a year that provided for a comfortable living.  I perfected buying house via subject to and learned how to control other peoples houses with very little out of pocket expense.  I learned where to obtain money quickly to buy the houses outright when needed.  What Rehabs were 
right to buy and which ones were not.

I always said that if I became successful I would repay the kindness by giving to back to others.  That is the intent of The Quick House Buyer's Newsletter.


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"Terry Wygal and I met over 5 years ago when we were both getting our start in Real Estate Investing. An honest, no-nonsense investor and all around great guy, Terry is the real deal in both real estate and in life. I am proud to know him and call him a friend.

If you know me, you know that I don't lend my name to many folks in this business. When I do, it means something. Terry knows the Real Estate business inside out and if you ever have the opportunity to learn from him... Don't pass it up!"

-- William Tingle Sub To Deals


"I've known Terry now for about 5 years and recently have had the opportunity to get to know him much more.  Terry is a great all around guy, and very knowledgeable in Real Estate Investing. 

There aren't many people across the country who have achieved the success that Terry has as an investor, and it's even more rare when they are willing to share their knowledge with you.  If you are interested in learning more about Real Estate Investing, I wouldn't hesitate to take this opportunity from Terry."

-- Steve Cook 
Flipping Homes


"Terry believed in me and helped me 
get started when no one else would!"

Terry has been an integral part in my success as a full time real estate investor.  

Terry is well known and well respected by many of the nations top investors and for a good reason.  

To this day Terry still attends many real estate seminars and boot camps nationwide. He takes the best, most profit producing information from the nations top experts, consolidates it and puts it into manageable chunks that you can use to supercharge your real estate investing business.  

There is no one better to get your real estate investing education from than Terry Wygal

Doug Smith - Mr. Wholesale Leads

All The Wholesale Leads You Could Ever Need 



The Legislature would  never think to restrict subject to investing if we all did it Terry's way...

I attended Terry's camp awhile back. I found him to be a great instructor filled with knowledge on how to do subject tos.  Terry instructs on how to do subject tos in an honest, straightforward and sophisticated way.  The legislature would probably never think to restrict subject to investing if we all did it Terry's way.
I found the class to be enjoyable, informative and well worth my time for the price.  I think it would be great for the business that you are building.
Todd Taylor, Esq.
The Law Office of Todd W. Taylor, PLLC


I've been to many seminars ranging anywhere from $75 to $5,000. From the local gurus to the national, Ron LeGrand and Robert Allen type gurus. Your seminar has so much valuable information. I love your step-by-step, take you by the hand, show you how to find the deals and how to immediately turn around and make money with that deal quickly. I'm not sure why you're not charging $5,000 per person for your seminar. It's sure worth a lot more than that. 

Tim Mai
President and Founder of CommunityREIA.org


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Listen To What My Students Have to Say:

Listen to Fred's story


Ka-Ching goes the cash register to the tune of $19,333.28!

 Janet Klemer -         Houston   

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I collected a check in the amount of $44,712.68!

Terry motivated me to go out and take action find my first Sub To deal and a month later walked me through the entire process until I collected a check in the amount of $44,712.68!

Ehab Shoukry 
Houston Texas

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"In this world there are two groups - the 95% of people who do very little, and the 5% of people who are the real achievers. If you want to be an achiever in Real Estate Investing, find someone locally who is already there, and do whatever it takes to get advice from that person.

If you are in the Houston area, there's one only extraordinary person who comes to mind... his name is Terry Wygal."

- William Bronchick, Attorney & Best-Selling Real Estate Author


"If you're looking to actually learn "real world" how-to techniques and specifics about subject-to's then you don't need to look any further than Terry Wygal.

Over the years, I've come to know Terry as a top-quality investor who practices what he preaches and gets out there in the trenches everyday making his living in Real Estate."

-- Scott Rister, Author of "Find All The Motivated Sellers You Can Handle!"


"Your 2 Day Boot Camp was by far packed with more information
per hour than any of them!"

I have been to many national and local real estate seminars and your 2 day class was by far, packed with information per hour than many of them together. I appreciate the fact that you're not trying to sell something. Your integrity and desire to help people shines throughout the whole time.

Larry Haines

Director of the Houston Investment Club Focus Groups

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